5th July, 2019

Australian Education Seminar

Australian Education Seminar organized by MELBOURNE Institute of Technology & BJ Education Network....

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5th July, 2019

Australian Educational Seminar

Venue:- DECC-United World Trade Centre,4th floor,Tripureshwor,Kathmandu...

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Frequently Asked Question

If you are in Australia and if your visa got refused or cancelled, you may have the right to appeal and if you have it then you can stay in Australia until your appeal is finalized.

Study cost mainly depends upon two factors – college/university of your choice and course you want to study. Some of the main stream courses taught by colleges in Sydney and Melbourne are way cheaper than other courses taught by the universities.

If you applied for your student visa from overseas and if your visa gets refused, you will need to follow the process and apply for refund to the college/university and they usually refund the money within 28 days.

Immigration keeps updating its general visa processing time. Please check following link for average visa processing time information: Visa applications are always decided on a case by case basis so it is always up to the Immigration Department how long they would like to take to process your application.

We assist you to best present your visa application to the Immigration Department, but we never guarantee visa success though our visa success rate is above the average visa success rate in the market.

You must be registered with Migration Agent Registration Authority and have Migration Agent Registration Number to lodge visa in Australia. Our MARN is 1570827.

Students generally apply for Skilled Visa (point – tested) once they complete their course. Getting PR now in Australia is more difficult compare to the past, however, if you compare that to the other developed countries Australia is still relatively easier. You will need high points to get PR from main cities in Australia but if you go to regional Australia meeting points requirement is relatively easier.

Action speaks louder than words. Our team has successfully worked on over thousand visas for people over 20 countries. We can do this for you too.

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