Skilled Independent visa (Subclass – 189)

This is an Australian Permanent Residency visa. You will generally need to meet 65 points to apply for Expression of Interest (EOI) and once the immigration invites you than you can apply for this visa. To be eligible to apply for this visa you must have skill assessed in the occupation listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and need at least 65 points. How is your points calculated:

  • Age: e.g. if you are aged between 25-32, you will get 30 points.
  • Qualification: e.g. if you completed bachelor degree in Australia you will get 15 points.
  • Australian study – you may be able to get 5 points if you completed your study in Australia.
  • English ability: e.g. if you score 8 each in IELTS or equivalent you will receive 20 points.
  • Employment: e.g. if you have one year relvant work experience in Australia you may score 5 points.
  • Credential Community language: you may be able to get 5 points for the community language ability you have.
  • Study in regional Australia: you may be able to get 5 points for studying in regional Australian education institutions.
  • Partner skill qualification: you may be able to get 5 point for qualification your partner has.
  • Professional year: you may be able to get 5 points for the professional year program you completed in Australia.

This is the most convenient visa type for qualified professionals and non-professionals whose skills is in demand in Australia. These professionals whether they are in Australia or overseas they may be eligible to apply for this visa without needing any sponsorship by any business or government.
Note: the total point you will need to get invitation may vary depending upon your occupation.


Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

This is an Australian permanent residency visa for skilled worker who want to work and live in Australia after being nominated by Australian state or territory government agency. You will get additional 5 points if you are nominated by Australian state or territory. It means, if you are unable to score 65 points to apply for Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) but you have 60 points already than you will be able to lodge EOI to apply for Subclass 190 visa if you are nominated by state or territory.
To make it more simple, if you have 60 points already then you may be able to get permanent residency thorough the help of this visa category, so please contact us if you are in this situation.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489)

This is a four year temporary visa which will be a path way for your Australian Permanent Resident (Subclass ) visa. To be eligible for this visa you need to be nominated by state or territory government agency or you need to be sponsored by eligible relative living in a designated area. To make it simple, if you only have 55 points in your point test then you would not be able to apply for 189 or 190 visa. This visa is for those who only have 55 points and want to stay in Australia with the possibility of permanent residency.


Why choose us for Skilled visa

There are over 100 types of visas in Australia and you may be eligible for more than one visa in any given time. However, we help you to find the best visa for your specific circumstances:
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